June 18, 2018

Hi everyone!  We’re on the move!  Quite literally.  For those of you reading our blog you will remember that last year about this time Larry and I were heavily into getting our lives in better order.  We updated our Wills and created Health Directives.

We were also thinking of downsizing but we couldn’t quite agree on what that meant or whether it was the right time yet.  That, and the whole Will and Health Directive thing made me quite depressed.  We also found out that the market had declined and I couldn’t come to terms with how much we could sell our house for.

Just after I released my first book, Out of the Fog, on Amazon in April Larry and I, after many conversations, decided to take that next step and move.  We called our Realtor and found that the market hadn’t strengthened, and in fact, had declined a bit more.  As our realtor would explain to us, we might get less for our house, but what we would purchase would cost less as well.

We decided to go for it.  We decluttered the house and it went up for sale at the beginning of May.  One of the realtors, while looking over the house and measuring for square footage said to us “you realize if you are going to downsize, you’ll have to get rid of a lot of stuff?”  We laughed and said we did indeed know this.

Keeping the house and yard clean so that perspective buyers could come and see it is always a fun exercise.  Especially when there are two puppies involved.  All those everyday things that make life special have to be wiped clean constantly.  Here I’m referring of course to nose prints on the window!

One of the really fun things we like to do when someone is looking over our house, is to park a little way down the road and watch who comes to look at the house.  We time them, and guess whether they are interested or not.  Our house sold within a week, after only being looked at twice.  The conditions came off just after the two week mark!  While we awaited this, Larry and I went through the house and got ready for a garage sale!

It so happened that our town, as well as the surrounding towns were having their community wide garage sales on May 26!  What a perfect time to get rid of all those little collectibles that we no longer wanted or needed.

Everyone loves a garage sale!  Larry and I had to haggle over whether this should go or that should go.  Larry is a believer in wiping the slate clean.  While I am sentimental and like to hold onto the things that have some meaning.  However, our intention was to move into some place somewhat smaller so we wound up having quite a selection for our sale.  We also sold a few larger items on different websites.

Larry should have been a salesman.  He greets everyone coming in and points out things they might like.  He makes me tired just watching him.  It is very interesting what people are willing or unwilling to buy and how much they are willing or unwilling to pay!

I had a beautiful vase that I put a price tag of $5 on.  It was in perfect condition.  An older lady asked Larry if he would take $2.  He said no, $3 is as low as he could go.  I was trying to get Larry in the house to get a bite to eat and a well-deserved rest and he told me he would go, but not to let the vase go for less than $3.  I said ok.  The lady came to me and again asked if I would take $2.  I said no, $3.  We went back and forth and she finally decided to pay $3.  Then she asked if I had a bag.  I said “sure”.  I came back with a bag and said “that’ll be $2”!  We both laughed!

We met a lot of our neighbors that we never got a chance to in the last 3 and a half years.  All in all it was a lot of fun.  We sold our extra yard equipment including a snow blower!

The conditions came off our house that weekend and it was then our turn to look.  We decided we would look at condos.  We would look at bungalows, split levels and two story townhouses.  We wanted to make sure we looked at all options.

The bungalows and split levels were older and tired looking.  These were in gated communities, most had no yards so we would have to have Max and Maggie on leashes all the time.  They were inhabited by older people wanting to take that next step to apartments or senior citizen complexes, people who were divorced or had lost their spouses.

One of the worries Larry and I had was about stairs.  The last house we owned was a four level split.  There was no bathroom on the main floor so you had to go to the upper level or the lower level.  About 7 years ago I broke my ankle, Larry was still working away from home and it was difficult, to say the least, with crutches to go up or down to use the bathroom!

When we were viewing one of the split levels the owners were there and Larry was talking to them, asking how they liked the stairs.  The older gentleman said that he liked them because it was part of his exercise.

I remembered when I took a seminar some years back while I was still working.  One of the talks was about the fact that people getting older tended to move to bungalows and also that nursing homes were full of people who could no longer carry their bodies around.

We were now both ready to view two story townhouses as long as there was a powder room on the main floor.  Then our realtor took it one step further!  He showed us a townhouse with a double detached garage and a fenced yard!!!  We were sold!  Not on the first one we saw, but a very short time later we put an offer on one.  We are just finishing up the closing process and we get our possession on June 25!

The grass does not grow under our feet.  As soon as we put an offer on this home, we started packing up our belongings.  The house, overall, will be about the same size as the one we just sold, but the basement and yard are much smaller.  The front yard will be looked after by the condo board, the back yard is ours, as well as Max and Maggie!  We are looking forward to this change.

I continue to make bracelets and will be offering them on this blog, soon after our move is complete.  I now have my book, “Out of the Fog” available in paperback on Amazon.  If you haven’t already – check it out!

Just to top the cake a little, we have our daughter’s dog “Winston”  for two weeks.  He is about 4 times the size of Max, the larger of our two!  Still a puppy at heart though.  As he stares out the window wondering when his mom and dad will come and get him, I’m sure he feels abandoned.  C’est La Vie!  They will return and life for him will go back to normal.

As we sit amongst our boxes, our adventure continues, stay tuned!


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