Coming Soon!

Larry and I have been hard at work creating the new installment to the Lou Grimes, Tombstone Detective Agency Series, “Checkmate Murders!”

We hope it will be available some time in May!

Like everyone else out there we are getting tired of COVID. We have received our first doses and look forward to the second. There’s just no telling how this world will change by the time it has achieved “herd immunity.”

Here in Saskatchewan we are in our household lockdown until at least April 26. I cringe every time I hear this because we are awaiting our first grandchild in June and would really like it if things were better by then.

Until next time stay safe and healthy and keep reading and we promise to bring you more to read!

Larry and Shirley Crandell

January 31, 2021 – Part II of Promotion!

Would you believe we are done January! There is such a promise of hope once February comes around. Usually we start thinking of Ground Hog Day, and of course February is a short month! Which then brings us to March and the first day of spring! We’re thinking about starting a garden and getting outside more. We think of being able to throw open the windows and letting some fresh air in.

This year is extra special because people are now receiving vaccinations for COVID and there is a promise of normality in the offing.

On top of that Larry and I excited about our grandchild (our first) which will make their appearance this summer.

With all of that Larry and I are still writing. As you are aware our new book in the Lou Grimes Series “Dead Man in Chinatown” was published last week and we introduced a promotion for the first two books, starting with “Chicago 45” last week and starting tomorrow the second ebook in the series “The Moors” will be available at the countdown deal starting at 99 cents and gradually increasing back to the regular price on Saturday.

Please, if you like Lou Grimes, you might look at our first series “Tony Simons.” And don’t forget the first book which was done as a non-fiction, “Through the Fog” which was done as a memoir by myself, Shirley Crandell. It was the book that started it all!

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As always we hope you stay safe, healthy and keep reading!

Larry and Shirley Crandell

January 24, 2021 – New Book!

Our first book of 2021 and the third in the series “Lou Grimes” is live on Amazon! It promises the same exciting adventures as the first two, “Chicago 45” and “The Moors.” The book is called “Dead Man in Chinatown.”

It’s been a long winter already and it will continue for awhile so why not get caught up in this Series? To help you in this endeavor we are offering more promotions. The first is a countdown deal on for an ebook that starts at 8:00 am tomorrow, January 25 and goes until Friday January 29th. It will start with Chicago 45, the first in the series at 99 cents and will increase until the countdown is over. The second will start February 1 for the second in the series, “The Moors” again starting at 99 cents and will end on February 5.

We hope that everyone will take advantage of this excellent opportunity to catch up and become part of the Lou Grimes fan club!

As always stay healthy and keep reading!

Larry and Shirley Crandell

Happy New Year 2021!!

We have gotten through COVID Christmas and New Years and ready to begin again!

Some of you I’m sure have made resolutions. Larry and I have not but we will continue to eat healthier and move more. We also have an additional reason to do this. We will be grandparents for the first time this coming summer! We are so excited!

We took a bit of a break from writing during the holidays but we are fresh and looking forward to publishing our next book in the Lou Grimes Series, “Dead Man in Chinatown” within the next few weeks.

We’ve had a nice break in the cold weather as well and I was able to resume walks with Max and Maggie which they really love. Yesterday was an exceptionally awesome walk, aside from the fact that there were so many things to sniff and many more people out walking the paths we also saw something extraordinary.

Before telling you about the experience I must say that we do live in a city.

We had just entered one of the park paths and I could not believe my eyes! There in the distance were a number of deer on the path coming toward us. I quickly moved Max and Maggie to the side of the path and pulled them in so as not to get in the deer’s way. I considered taking my phone out and trying to take pictures, however I did not have my own phone and didn’t want to spend extra time trying to figure things out with the prospect of missing the experience entirely!

It lasted less than a minute but they were majestic as they came closer, spread out and began running past us, not more than ten feet away. I counted six of them, they were beautiful and they moved in unison! Santa’s reindeer came to mind and I tried to remember their names!

They didn’t seem to pay us much attention but they did look our way, ran past and were gone! I’m sure I stood there with my mouth hanging open, I couldn’t believe my eyes or my fortune. It was the closest I’d ever come to deer and had never seen that many all together. At the most I’d seen one or two a hundred yards or more away! I believe it was an omen and that it must be good luck!

I believe this is only the start of the many wonderful things we will experience this year.

We hope you and yours have a year full of wonder as well. Till next time stay healthy and keep reading!

Larry and Shirley Crandell

December 19, 2020

We would like to take this opportunity to wish our fans and readers a very Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy, and Prosperous New Year!

It’s been a crazy year with COVID always on our minds. But we have managed to publish 3 books for the second year in a row!

We started out with the final in the 3 part Tony Simons Series “Man of Honour.” We then started a new series, “Lou Grimes.” Our first installment was “Chicago 45,” the second installment was “The Moors.”

We will be publishing our third book in this series called “Dead Man in Chinatown” early in the new year. Here is an excerpt from this book

“The angry crowd did not go unnoticed by Shamus either. He was in the process of calling in reinforcements when the mass of people formed around the cars yelling and waving their fists in the air. As if on cue, the policemen and Lou and Stella got out of the cars and tried to move to the opium tents. The Mob stood their ground as the police wedged their way forward pushing the people back.

“This is going to get real bad, real soon Lou,” Virgil said.

“Try to spot the one most likely to move first boys,” Lou replied. “Maybe we can get the drop on him.”

Lou had his hand wrapped tightly around his 9mm in his pocket and Stella her Berretta from her purse. It was tense, real tense and then it finally broke!”

See you in 2021!

Larry & Shirley Crandell


The final promotion for our “Tony Simons” Series, “Man of Honour” starts tomorrow! The ebook will be available for 99 cents for 96 hours starting tomorrow morning on!

Our Lou Grimes series meanwhile is being received really well with the launch of our second book “Lou Grimes, Tombstone Detective Agency – The Moors” last month.

The third book in this series will be reading for launch early in the New Year!

Larry and I really appreciate all our fans and look forward to a time when the word COVID will be just a bad memory. We hope that you all stay safe and healthy. If nothing else it’s an excellent opportunity to read!

We wish you all a very happy holiday season!

Larry and Shirley Crandell

November 15, 2020 PROMOTIONS!

Just thought I’d send a reminder that the promotion for the Tony Simons Series is well on the way! “Branded” is complete and we now move onto the 99 cent ebook promotion of “Conquer the Hill” for 96 hours starting tomorrow morning! This will be followed by “Man of Honour” starting on November 23!

The “Lou Grimes” series has been well-received and the paperback of the second book in the series “Lou Grimes, Tombstone Detective Agency – The Moors” is now published in ebook as well as paperback format.

We had good comments for the first book in the series, Lou Grimes, Chicago 45 and we are excited to get all honest reviews for all of our books.

The third book in the series will be out early in the New Year!

Hard to believe the Holiday Season is right around the corner and we haven’t finished dealing with this COVID virus.

Until next time, stay healthy, wear your mask and keep reading!

Larry and Shirley Crandell

It’s Here!! Nov 8, 2020

Lou Grimes, Tombstone Detective Agency – The Moors is now live and available on Amazon in ebook format. The paperback will be available in a couple of days!!!

Here is an excerpt from our new book!

“The trial didn’t take long and after two days of testimony, including that of a psychiatrist, it was deemed that Norman McRae was insane and he was dragged away to spend the rest of his life in solitary confinement at Bridge Moor Hospital for the Criminally Insane also known as The Moors.

Bridge Moor Hospital was known to the public as an institution for the mentally ill with modern day facilities and treatment methods that were cutting edge. What they didn’t know, because they didn’t want to, was that The Moors had gained a reputation as being a dehumanizing, prison-like institution with medieval dungeons and draconian jailers that used leg irons and manacles to control the uncontrollable and when that failed they were chained to the walls and beaten.

So-called doctors would use electric shock treatment for convulsing patients and heavy psychotic drugs to try and cure lunacy. No one left The Moors rehabilitated, they left in wooden boxes.”

Don’t forget to take advantage of the promotions on the “Tony Simons”

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Stay safe and keep reading!

Larry and Shirley Crandell


Our new installment in the Lou Grimes Series will be out shortly. The book is entitled “Lou Grimes, Tombstone Detective Agency – The Moors.”

Lou Grimes – Chicago 45 was very well received and we hope that those of you who have not read it will take the time to, especially before reading the next in the series. Remember that Christmas will soon be upon us and as always books make the perfect gift!

In celebration of the new series and the up and upcoming launch, we are offering a promotion on the “Tony Simons” series starting with “Branded.” The ebook will be available on Amazon for 99 cents starting November 9th for 96 hours! Then the second in the series, “Conquer the Hill” will be available on Amazon for 99 cents for 96 hours from November 16; finally the third in the series, “Man of Honour” will be available on amazon for 99 cents for 96 hours from November 23!

We hope you enjoy all our books and as always we welcome all honest reviews of our work here, on Amazon or at

Hope this finds everyone healthy and safe! Remember to wear a mask!

Keep reading!

Larry and Shirley Crandell

September 29, 2020 – Coming Soon!

Hi Everyone!

The first book in our new series “Lou Grimes, Chicago 45” has been out for a few months and we are pleased to give you an update for the next book!

The second book in this series will be out in approximately six weeks and the title is “Lou Grimes, Tombstone Detective Agency – The Moors.”

Lou Grimes finds himself face to face with the psychopath Norman McRae, leading him into the world of the criminally insane. With his ghostly partners at his side to keep him safe this story takes many twists and turns.

We will keep you all informed as to the launch date and we are also planning on having some promotions!

Larry and Shirley Crandell