We are Larry and Shirley.  We are 60 something and we have been married for 36 years!  We met at a disco, at the time disco was on its way out, on the night before this particular disco was closing.  It was meant to be!

We married the following year and didn’t let the grass grow under our feet!  We moved approximately 14 times.  That’s a lot of packing and unpacking, a lot of garage sales.

Larry retired from the military after 23 years in 1996.  Spent the following 19 years working in warehousing, obtaining a Bachelor’s degree in Supply Chain Management and working in the oilfields.  He finally retired in October 2015.

Shirley has worked with government departments firstly for the City, then after marrying her best friend, with DND, and then with the Federal Government.  She retired in 2010.  During the last seven years, she has volunteered, worked part time and has worked on many different hobbies and crafts.

Together Larry and Shirley have a daughter who is the light of their lives.  We have two amazing buddies (a shih Tzu Maltese cross named Maggie and a Pomeranian Wheaton Terrier named Max) who, whether they like it or not are dragged into all of our adventures!

Larry and Shirley decided to start a blog to share their experiences. We would be interested in reading your comments!

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