January 31, 2021 – Part II of Promotion!

Would you believe we are done January! There is such a promise of hope once February comes around. Usually we start thinking of Ground Hog Day, and of course February is a short month! Which then brings us to March and the first day of spring! We’re thinking about starting a garden and getting outside more. We think of being able to throw open the windows and letting some fresh air in.

This year is extra special because people are now receiving vaccinations for COVID and there is a promise of normality in the offing.

On top of that Larry and I excited about our grandchild (our first) which will make their appearance this summer.

With all of that Larry and I are still writing. As you are aware our new book in the Lou Grimes Series “Dead Man in Chinatown” was published last week and we introduced a promotion for the first two books, starting with “Chicago 45” last week and starting tomorrow the second ebook in the series “The Moors” will be available at the countdown deal starting at 99 cents and gradually increasing back to the regular price on Saturday.

Please, if you like Lou Grimes, you might look at our first series “Tony Simons.” And don’t forget the first book which was done as a non-fiction, “Through the Fog” which was done as a memoir by myself, Shirley Crandell. It was the book that started it all!

Don’t forget to leave an honest review/comments here, on our email crandellx2@Outlook.com

As always we hope you stay safe, healthy and keep reading!

Larry and Shirley Crandell

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