Our first book of 2021 and the third in the series “Lou Grimes” is live on Amazon! It promises the same exciting adventures as the first two, “Chicago 45” and “The Moors.” The book is called “Dead Man in Chinatown.”

It’s been a long winter already and it will continue for awhile so why not get caught up in this Series? To help you in this endeavor we are offering more promotions. The first is a countdown deal on Amazon.com for an ebook that starts at 8:00 am tomorrow, January 25 and goes until Friday January 29th. It will start with Chicago 45, the first in the series at 99 cents and will increase until the countdown is over. The second will start February 1 for the second in the series, “The Moors” again starting at 99 cents and will end on February 5.

We hope that everyone will take advantage of this excellent opportunity to catch up and become part of the Lou Grimes fan club!

As always stay healthy and keep reading!

Larry and Shirley Crandell

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