Happy New Year 2021!!

We have gotten through COVID Christmas and New Years and ready to begin again!

Some of you I’m sure have made resolutions. Larry and I have not but we will continue to eat healthier and move more. We also have an additional reason to do this. We will be grandparents for the first time this coming summer! We are so excited!

We took a bit of a break from writing during the holidays but we are fresh and looking forward to publishing our next book in the Lou Grimes Series, “Dead Man in Chinatown” within the next few weeks.

We’ve had a nice break in the cold weather as well and I was able to resume walks with Max and Maggie which they really love. Yesterday was an exceptionally awesome walk, aside from the fact that there were so many things to sniff and many more people out walking the paths we also saw something extraordinary.

Before telling you about the experience I must say that we do live in a city.

We had just entered one of the park paths and I could not believe my eyes! There in the distance were a number of deer on the path coming toward us. I quickly moved Max and Maggie to the side of the path and pulled them in so as not to get in the deer’s way. I considered taking my phone out and trying to take pictures, however I did not have my own phone and didn’t want to spend extra time trying to figure things out with the prospect of missing the experience entirely!

It lasted less than a minute but they were majestic as they came closer, spread out and began running past us, not more than ten feet away. I counted six of them, they were beautiful and they moved in unison! Santa’s reindeer came to mind and I tried to remember their names!

They didn’t seem to pay us much attention but they did look our way, ran past and were gone! I’m sure I stood there with my mouth hanging open, I couldn’t believe my eyes or my fortune. It was the closest I’d ever come to deer and had never seen that many all together. At the most I’d seen one or two a hundred yards or more away! I believe it was an omen and that it must be good luck!

I believe this is only the start of the many wonderful things we will experience this year.

We hope you and yours have a year full of wonder as well. Till next time stay healthy and keep reading!

Larry and Shirley Crandell

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