Introducing Our New Main Character, Lou Grimes!

“He was tall, about six feet, with tired droopy red eyes and big jowls, his ears were oversized and he had a bit of a paunch. His hair was dark, but it was starting to gray at the temple and he needed it cut. He wore the same old brown hat and gray open trench coat he had worn for years, along with baggy pants and worn out shoes because that’s all he had.

“Disillusioned with his life, he sat on his bar stool at Eddie’s on 8th, his local hangout. He was quietly humming “Happy Birthday” to himself, all the while looking down into his beer, remembering his past.

“Today really was Lou Grime’s birthday and he wondered to himself if he had just pissed his life away or had it all been worth it? He could still remember his first day in uniform. It had been raining for three days, like it does in Chicago sometimes and even though it had been more than 60 years since that famous fire tried to burn the city down, it could remind you when you least expected it to. If you were outside on a damp morning, in the right place at the right time back then, and the wind was blowing just so, you could catch a faint smell of  burning creosote oil in the air.”

The first book of our new Series “Lou Grimes – Chicago 45 will be launched soon! Stay tuned!!!

Don’t forget to read our first series “Tony Simons – Branded; Conquer the Hill and Man of Honour” available on Amazon!

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