It all started with a little book called “Out of the Fog.” I am re-publishing this book on Amazon under a new name “Through the Fog.” This allows me to offer the book at a better price!

Don’t forget to leave an honest review on Amazon and you can contact us through the email account I am still looking for people to send recipes with attached stories for a future endeavor and those of you whose recipes are picked will have their names put in a draw for prizes! Submissions can also be sent in to our email account.

We will also be offering specials on our first series “Tony Simons, Branded; Conquer the Hill and Man Honour,” in the near future in celebration of our upcoming release of the New Series! Be sure to watch our blog for information and introduction to our newest characters!

Thank you to everyone who has followed our blogs and books!

We wish you all well at this time of Pandemic and isolation and to help keep your mind positive please read!

Larry & Shirley Crandell

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