March 16, 2020 – Promotion!!

Hi Everyone! I hope everyone is doing well at this time of the COVID 19 Virus.  Stay safe and healthy! It’s definitely a time for family bonding!

One of the things that many people will be doing is reading more!

As promised but a little late we will be publishing our third and final book in the Tony Simons Series. It’s taken a little longer than we had anticipated but “Man of Honour” will be in Amazon hopefully by the end of March!

In celebration of this achievement we will be offering a free ebook on Amazon of “Conquer the Hill,” the second in the three book Series for a limited time. Get your free ebook from Saturday March 21 to 11:59 PM Monday March 23! We only ask that you leave an honest review. If you haven’t already read the first book in the Series, “Branded,” it is a great way to start!

“Man of Honour” will be available on the shelf at McNally Robinson in Saskatoon along with the other two shortly. They are available on their website and also on Amazon. We’ll keep you up to date!

In order to get advanced information and updates don’t forget to subscribe by sending us an email at!

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