Tony Simons Update & Promotion!

January 11, 2020

Larry and I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a Happy New Year!

We would also like to update everyone about how well our books are doing. It’s amazing to see them on the shelves at McNally Robinson and so happy to hear your comments! We understand that some people are a little shy when it comes to actually giving an official review, but that’s ok. The mere fact that people who read our books are enjoying them and are also looking forward to the last in this trilogy, “Man of Honour,” is a blessing.

“Man of Honour” will be coming out some time in February and to celebrate the upcoming launch and to help our readers get caught up, we will be offering a free promotion on the ebook “Branded” on Amazon. From January 19 to the 21st you can purchase the ebook for free. We will be having a promotion for the second in the series, “Conquer the Hill” in February ahead of the launch of “Man of Honour.”

We would be happy to receive any  and all honest reviews.

Keep in mind we are also looking for submissions for the recipe book project. Submissions are for a recipe of yours with a story and permission to possibly use it in this project.

Stay tuned because we are very excited to announce that we have also started on another fiction series, the first of which will be launched in Spring 2020!

To get advanced information on upcoming projects and launch dates, please register at

All of our books can be purchased at or

The Tony Simons Series can be purchased instore in the Saskatoon, Saskatchewan McNally Robinson Store or on their website.




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