August 23, 2019

Right now Larry and I have a few things on the go. Firstly, the book “Out of the Fog” where we have just finished a free promotion. We have the first book in a three book series called “Branded, a Tony Simons Series” which is available on McNally Robinson website as a paperback and Amazon as both an ebook and paperback. We are also launching the second book in the series called “Conquer the Hill” in a few short weeks.
Would you believe it? We are also working on the first draft of the third book in the series! We had also previously issued a challenge to submit recipes that have attached stories that I would like to include in a future book. I know that I have hundreds of stores attached to cooking with my daughter, husband, and my mother who has passed. Whew!

It occurred to us that we should have a dedicated email address in which you could submit these stories if you would like to have them included in this future project or if you would like advanced information on the progress of the Tony Simons project or upcoming promotions or projects, you could be the first to hear about it by simply sending your submissions and comments to our email address
Remember you can purchase our books by clicking on the following links:

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