“Out of the Fog” is a Non Fiction book.  It was my first attempt at writing and because it was from the heart it took over ten years to come together.  It was published as an ebook on Amazon on April 15, 2018 and on June 15 as a paperback as well. Author is Shirley Crandell

The book is about Grief and how I dealt with it’s succession over the years.  It was not meant to take the place of any professional help that those of us suffering require, but merely to give an example of my experience with it.

The book isn’t entirely morbid, it is heartwarming, sometimes humourous, and gives snapshots of the different places in time. It is a walk down memory lane for anyone who has lived through bell bottoms, mini skirts and discos!

I hope that this sample will create a second wave of interest.  Please feel free to send your comments and don’t forget to add a review on Amazon when you inevitably purchase the ebook or paperback!

Sample of “Out of the Fog”

“A year after we moved to Germany the Berlin Wall fell. It is such a beautiful country, so green. The reason it’s so green is that it never gets really cold, at least not as cold as in Saskatchewan. Precipitation is quite high and it’s humid a lot of the time. In the summer it is warm and humid. In the fall the temperature starts falling and it becomes rainy and the fog sets in. I remember one particular fall the fog set in for about three weeks.
We lived in a little village called Oberhausen, located about 23 kms from Lahr, Germany. I worked on the Canadian Base in Lahr and drove into Lahr with my daughter who stayed at a day care. The roads from Oberhausen to Lahr were such that you could take a main road, which took you through a number of villages, or a more direct route through cornfields. At this time of the year the cornfields were high. Not yet mowed down after the crops were harvested.

My daughter, about 3 years old, slept in the back seat while I drove. She had been awakened way too early, as children often are when parents work. Driving down this road at this time of the year was like driving down a winding tunnel. It was still dark at this time of the morning, fog heavy and corn standing at least 6 feet high on both sides of the road; the only light was from that of my headlights. The road itself was black asphalt. The fog was so heavy that it created droplets on the windshield like rain.

On this particular morning, with my daughter in the back seat and this fog that had set in, I was driving and I suddenly felt myself drifting, becoming mesmerized by a single droplet that slid ever so slowly down the windshield of my car. I found myself tracking the droplet down the windshield and was on the brink of a hypnotic trance. I was caught up in the moment, alone and closed. The world was still there, beyond the fog and even in the back seat, but I wasn’t seeing it.

I suddenly woke from my reverie, disbelieving that this had actually happened and realizing that I had to pay more attention to things outside the vehicle no matter how little there was to see, I could not let myself withdraw so much that I could lose myself. I realized how dangerous this could have been. I continued along the road and made myself look from side to side, and in the rearview mirror at my sleeping daughter. A few minutes later the cornfield opened to the main road.

Finally, in the following days a little sunlight began shining through; a little more every day until eventually the fog was gone.”


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