Sept 7, 2018 – Moving

As you will recall I left off on my last blog with us sitting amongst the boxes in our old houses and contemplating the impending move.

We got our keys on June 25, though it was not as early as we had hoped.  Our realtor told us, that if we didn’t hear anything different from his associate; who was to do the walk through at the new house; that we were to be there at 11:00 a.m.

So with excitement, anticipation and some apprehension we packed up our two vehicles with smaller items and coolers with food that we could load into the fridge.  As is our custom, we arrived a few minutes early.   It was to be a very warm day, getting up to around 30 degrees.  We waited, and waited.  At 1110 we were getting very warm and uneasy.  We called our realtor.  The associate gave us a call and asked if we had talked to the lawyer’s office that morning.  I said “no”.  She then said that she had called the lawyer’s office and was told that the keys would not be released until later in the afternoon.  They also said that they had talked to us, which was not true.

I was not happy with this “associate”.  Maybe because our realtor has always been very thorough, making sure that all I’s were dotted and t’s crossed.  This associate dropped the ball.  We had to drive back to the old house and unload our coolers and wait for a call, not knowing when it would come.   Needless to say we were less than impressed.

The call did come and we received the keys at about 4 pm.  By that time it was indeed above 30 degrees!  I was not happy to see the “associate”.  We did as quick, a walk through as we could.  She was not apologetic and did not take responsibility.  Once she was gone, we unloaded the vehicles.

We had a little surprise as well in the back yard.  Seems the old owners decided it was unnecessary to keep up the lawn watering and the lawn was completely dead and weed ridden.

Since that this was to be one of our last moves, we were hoping that it would be an easy one, but it was anything but.  From the brand new mortgage person at our bank to an air conditioner that needed re-charging it was anything but smooth.

When we did our last move at 60 years old, I was a little apprehensive as I thought I was getting too old for the packing, unpacking and then landscaping. It was refreshing to know that we could do it.

Since then Larry and I have had health issues and we are older and though we did accomplish what we set out to do this time, it was anything but easy. Being older and having inexperienced or unprofessional people working with us we were really afraid that we would miss something.

The rest of the summer we enjoyed our condo. We unpacked and Larry started babying the backyard grass. By the end of the summer it was lush.  The kids like their little backyard and there are plenty of walking paths in our new neighborhood. We are happy to be back in the city!

Larry and I started our book in June and it is going well. Stay tuned!



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