Feb 17, 2019

What a winter it’s been. It’s a good thing they’ve changed the term “global warming” to “climate change”, because warming is not what is happening on the prairies.

You know when you say I can hardly wait until I retire so I don’t have to go out when it’s so cold or so stormy? Well this Is where we are at. It is, however, still quite dismal looking at the weather forecasts for two weeks ahead of time and there is no break in sight.

Larry and I have been quite busy, though, writing our book. We have now sent the manuscript out for review and we have done our research on publishers, which we feel we have come up with a plan.

We are currently starting our second book as well. It’s been a long ride since I first authored and self-published a little memoir called “Out of the Fog” on Amazon. If you haven’t read it, you really should. Stay tuned for the corroboration between Larry and I called “Branded” coming soon. I’ll be describing it further in future blogs as well as bringing our blog readers up to date with it’s progress.

We are looking forward to spring so that we and our fur babies are not cooped up.

My beaded bracelets have been progressing and I am now making Chakra bracelets. I am however awaiting cataract surgery so that is now a priority as my eyesight is not as good as I hope it will soon be.


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