April 17, 2018

We are on again!  It’s been a busy winter and we will try to catch you up!

In the later part of November I did what I usually do that time of year, Christmas shopping, cleaning and baking.  I’m sure a lot of people have this done by the end of November, but while I’m not a procrastinator, I definitely have to wait until I get into the Christmas spirit.

With Larry fully retired for about a year at this point, he had the time to help.  He helped with the baking and good soldier that he is, he did a lot of the baking cleanup!  A luxury I had not experienced before.  Having someone clean up after you is quite luxurious.

Larry had a rhinoplasty and septoplasty on December 5.  He has had trouble breathing for the last years and he was looking forward to the surgery.  But when I went in to see him after, I could tell he was not amused!  For those of you who have experienced this procedure, I’m sure you understand.  But Larry was not quite prepared for how he would feel and experience afterward.

The first four days were hell on wheels for him.  Packing in his nose did not allow for taste, smell and he couldn’t really eat either.  He had to sleep sitting up and kept waking up because he couldn’t breath.  He got the packing out on day 4.  He was definitely able to breath better, but something else he was not prepared for, he still couldn’t taste anything and that would last another two weeks!

On December 17 we attended a Play at the Barn Playhouse.  This is a farm where they turned a barn and some other out buildings into something really special.  There is a craft area and at Christmas there is a Christmas dinner and play.  During the spring, and summer they also offer plays and they have food kiosks outside and they always offer hay rides!  This time we went with our daughter, her boyfriend and his mom and step dad, along with other friends and members of his family.  We had a really great time and definitely put us in the Christmas spirit.

Christmas was quiet, Katie and her boyfriend were with us for the day and we played games and enjoyed a traditional Christmas dinner.

Like most of the world, we’ve experienced, shall we say, dynamic weather.  We had the longest, coldest winter in quite some time.  We miss the days when we would hi-tail it down to Phoenix.

I have also been involved in doing crafts and this winter has been no exception.  About 7 years ago I started making and fixing bead jewelry and over this last year I have ramped this up.  I am heavily involved in making bead crochet bracelets and am starting to make diffuser bracelets and chakra bracelets.  Stay tuned, because I plan on offering some for sale on this blog!

Another one of my passions is writing.  While I have started blogging, I have also been working on writing a book!  I’ve been working on this for quite a number of years, but have really pushed this last six months.  With the help of Larry, who would read it when I was stuck and asked questions which got me going again.

One of my Christmas presents from Katie was tickets to see Rod Stewart!  It was an amazing concert.  At 73 he puts on a better show than a lot of the new artists who think it’s ok to lip sync!  He is another of those artists that Larry and I grew up with.  He sang an amazing amount of songs, including a couple of new ones.  Yes, he’s still having children and creating music!  There is a lesson for all of us of a certain age, that is to never stop!

On April 15th I finally got the nerve to go into the Amazon site and publish my book as a ebook.  The book is called “Out of the Fog”.  It is a non fiction memoir of my experiences of loss.  I think that those who read it will find value.  I really feel that sharing our stories can help each other.

If you find value in reading my blog, please go to Amazon and have a look at my first book.  Out of the Fog, by Shirley Crandell.  Let me know what you think!

I have already started my second book, this one will be a fiction; Larry and I will be collaborating on this one.

This next chapter is certainly going to be an interesting one, with new experiences.  We look forward to all your comments.

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