November 22, 2017 – Reflections

A few days before we actually got home, on one of those evenings after settling in. Larry suddenly said to me “on a scale of 1 to 10 what would you give this trip”?

I honestly didn’t really even think about it very long and I said “12”.  He looked at me like “are you nuts”? Before I explained I asked him what his score was, he said “about a 6”.

Then I had to explain why.  Well, we’re both 64, so the very fact that we were actually able to complete this journey was amazing.  We moved around more than we have in awhile.  Climbing over things, around things, taking the kids on literally hundreds of walks; we saw things we will probably never see again and are grateful we did, just one example was Oak Island.  We worked together, and therefore got closer.  We talked and didn’t watch tv.  That is why I gave the score of 12.

Larry was thinking more in terms of how much work the trip was.  We never realized it would be.  Days when we took wrong turns and weren’t sure how we would find our way out.  Days when we only ate once because the weather was bad and the roads were bad and we couldn’t actually find a spot to stop.  So many days when the kids were sick.  Trying to keep a semblance of cleanliness with all the muck.

We agreed that we were both right.  We both agreed that we were happy that we had completed the trip that we had planned so long for.  But we both agreed we were done!

We have been lucky to do a great number of things so far in our lives, living abroad, travelling and even owning property in Arizona.  The motorhome was another such adventure.  Larry had told people along the way on our trip to Newfoundland that this was a bucket list item, and it was true.  We decided to sell the motorhome and try some new adventure.  What that is right now we’re not sure, but it will take time to find the right buyer for her.

We spent approximately two weeks on our return unloading the motorhome and cleaning her up again.  We had our daughter’s convocation and birthday to attend towards the end of October and of course we had to go through a whole book of notes on our trip to go through so that we could complete our blog.

Before our trip we found out that we could stay at Walmarts, we found out that you definitely should ask at each one if you don’t want to relocate at an inopportune time.  We found that most truck stops welcome rvs as well.  But there again there are a few that don’t so be sure to look for signs.  We also learned that most large grocery stores as well as Canadian Tires!  Casinos, I understand also allow overnighting, some of them actually have special areas for them.  We never checked this out, but that would have been fun!

We are so grateful we took the time to get to know the rv before we headed out on our long trip.  So grateful we found out the generator needed replacing while we were still at home and not on the road.  Repairs can be made on the road, but when parts need to be ordered it could take a long time.

It was definitely a trip of a lifetime, but as we sit in our living room with way too much snow already, we are happy to be home!

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