October 1 – 3, 2017

Day 31

We had a pretty good sleep.  Quiet.  We dumped again.  We’re doing this quite regularly as we never know when we won’t be able to find a dump site, or spend extra time looking for one.  We’re getting closer to home!  The kids are done and so are we, our tempurpedic is calling!

Roads were both good and bad.  We drove from highway 28 to 41 to 2.  We stopped for one more meal in Michigan.  A gas station with a café.  I went in.  There’s the café in the corner.  I check the menu, yes, there’s burgers on the menu.  I noticed that it is a small café, about 6 tables, and there are people at about 4 of them.

I see a man in an apron coming over to me.  He reminded me of someone on tv.  He had teeth missing and shall we say, he was less than pristine.  He asks if I want to order something.  I say “Yes, to take out”.  He motions over to the table area.  It’ll be about 20 minutes, I have to serve all these other people first.  It was a bit amusing, I felt, because there really weren’t that many people to serve in my estimation, but, he may have been on his own and not used to it.  I was willing to wait 20 minutes, and was going to do just that, but he was still there and he again stated he had all these people to serve and then said that there was food in the warming area and motioned over to the counter.

If you’ve ever watched the series “Deadwood”  there is a character, E.B. Farnum.  This is who this gentleman reminded me of.

I did grab a burger and a chicken burger and went back to the rv.  They were actually pretty good.

On to Duluth!  Duluth was weird, construction and a detour, and yes, a wrong turn.  We thought we might be heading up to Canada a little early, towards Manitoba, which we didn’t want to do.  But we found our way back and on the right track.  We then started looking for a place to stop as we had done over 400 miles today!

We found a rest area in a place called Floodwood.  Not a very big area but it would be home for the night.  There was a railroad running along one side and the highway on the other.  To top it off, mother nature was showing herself with heavy wind and rain.  The train went by and blew it’s whistle!  It was very loud.  All in all a busy night!

Day 32

We awoke at 6:30, gone by 7:15.  We’re heading for Minot, tomorrow – Home!

Road has been pretty good, lots of wind though.  We tried to find a place to have lunch, but everything seemed to be on the opposite side of the divided highway.  So we’re having our meagre food in a dilapidated rest stop.

The road is long, straight with not much to look at and then there’s the relentless wind.  Our motorhome is like a wall as the wind hits it and we move through.

For grins I call the Walmart in Minot to see if overnighting is permitted.  we were not going there on a whim this time.  Woo Hoo !  It is!  Our last night in the states should be a good one and we should have no trouble finding food.  Larry is getting tired of driving and just plain tired as am I but tomorrow is home and this keeps us going.

At first I thought the Walmart might be a little difficult to find, but it really wasn’t.  There were other rvs parked there and there was a myriad of restaurants.  We settled on a Village Inn.  This is a family restaurant with good food, including home made pies.  On Wednesdays they even give away free pie!  Alas, it was not Wednesday.  We had a good meal, and also got a 25% discount for seniors; unheard of at 25%!  Larry went over to a place called “Buffalo Wings”  and picked up some wings for lunch the next day.

We went back to the rv to settle for the night.  Tomorrow – Home!

Day 33 – Final day!!!!

There was a semi parked nearby us in the parking lot and he had his generator going all night.  Also, Walmart started cleaning their lot very early in the morning with one of those street sweeper machines.  All in all a very noisy night again and we were eager to get on the road.  It was overcast as we set out before 7:30 am.

Cold, windy and some rain.  No man’s land except for a smattering of small towns.  Larry continued to fight the wind like a warrior!

Border crossing was easy, but we had to pay an exorbitant amount of duty on a few bottles of rum we were sure would cost less getting it in the states.  Not really!  Lesson learned.

Construction followed.  It seemed like we hit every construction area across Canada and then again through the states!  The saving grace was that things were starting to get familiar!  Larry was sure the bad weather would last right until we were at our door.  I checked the weather on my phone and it said that it was at least partly sunny starting Dundurn and totally sunny in Saskatoon.

Larry didn’t believe me because as we trekked along and kept getting closer, there was no sign of this.  Low and behold just like they said, in Dundurn it started getting sunny!  As you can imagine this aided in our excitement!

We arrived home at 4:00 pm.  The kids were so excited!  They were just like kids running through the house checking everything out! By the way, so were we!  The house seemed so big!  After living in a 35 foot motorhome for over a month, the house was gigantic!

We unloaded the things we needed, showered to get the road off of us and spent a quiet evening watching some of the 135 shows that were taped while we were away!

We’re Home!!!!!




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