September 29 – 30, 2017

Day 29

Up at 7:30 and we had showers in the rv.  Now this may not seem notable, but even though our shower is not as small as I’ve seen rv showers, it is still difficult to maneuver. First, it’s a step up into it and it takes a bit of finesse to get the water temperature just right.  Then it’s somewhat of a ballet to get soap, shampoo, conditioner et al and make sure everything is rinsed.  The water pressure is not like at home, shall we say.  Then remember that step coming out!

After showers Larry went outside to do the tear down, black water dump, etc.  But, the camper next door thought it was a good time to get acquainted and chat.  When Larry is working on the black water he likes a little alone time.  Nevertheless, there he was, having a visit.  Wouldn’t you know it, the sizer flange was in crooked and he had to try and pry it off.  Of course Larry was a little self conscious about this and of course the next door neighbor had to give his thoughts on how best to do it.  This is why we didn’t leave our camp until 10:00!

Traffic was fierce, roads bad, construction and even some rain in and around Cleveland.  Looks like we’ll be stopping after Anarbor.  Stopped actually just before Flint Michigan.  at a truck stop.  Most of the truck stops like this you can stay the night.  We  couldn’t stop around Anarbor because there was too much construction and traffic.  However, this particular truck stop had signs posted “No overnight”.  The rain started falling heavily, so we parked for a bit to see if the rain would stop.  When we drove into the truck stop we noticed a truck parked in a lot across the street, so we decided to check it out.  We noticed another truck there as well as an rv!  So we figured it was ok to park.  It was next to a Coney Island restaurant and had a green space!

Larry went for a walk back to the truck stop and around the restaurant.  He noticed a sign around the restaurant that said “truckers welcome”!  He also mentioned that the store in the truck stop was amazing with all kinds of goodies, souvenirs and liquor!

We had a place and we could spend the night – awesome!

Day 30

We were up at 730 and Larry took the kids out.  He noticed that the one truck was gone and he told me that the other rv would be there for a while, because it had a “For Sale” sign on it.  We had a bit of a laugh over that.

We visited the store, which was interesting and got gas.  They had a McDonald’s attached and so I went in to get us some breakfast sandwiches.  I placed my order, 2 large coffees, 1 sausage mcmuffin meal, no cheese; (we don’t like the American sliced cheese); 1 Egg mcmuffin meal, no cheese (the one with the Canadian bacon).  I was guest #280.  They had a TV screen with the orders being served and the ones in progress.  At this point of course, mine was “in progress”.  I watched, knowing that mine could take a bit longer because it was “a special order”.  (Should it really take longer to leave something off?)  Then they called #281, no biggy.  But then I noticed #280 was gone off the screen!

So the first chance someone was in hearing distance I said “Excuse me”  “Where is my order? It’s not on the screen anymore”  So he goes over, grabs two sandwiches, both with “special order” stickers and 2 hashbrowns.  I take them back to the rv, not very happy.  We sit down to eat.  I open Larry’s sausage Mcmuffin, no cheese, awesome.  I open my egg mcmuffin, no cheese, no meat!  Argh!

We hit the road.

Eventually we stopped for lunch, at a KFC.  Ordered Larry Spicy Big Crunch, fries and 5 hot wings.  For me, 2 piece white meal, with mashed potatoes and coleslaw.  Get back to the RV and opened it up.  Some kind of mini sandwich for Larry, no spicy big crunch, no fries and the wings looked like hell.

Mine, 2 piece white, was one white, one wing.  instant mashed potatoes and green beans!

Our food was lacking today, but the roads started getting better and we stopped a bit early at Marquette at a really nice wooded campground.  There was a pizza hut next door to the campground so we ordered a pizza and some wings and you know, they weren’t half bad!

These days we are focused on returning home.  We could probably have done more sight seeing, but we were becoming exhausted and longed for the familiar.  The kids were doing really well on their food mix of rice, chicken broth and kibble and we continued to give them this, because they seemed so much better.  Even Maggie has settled a bit on the road too.  She is finally able to nap some along the way!

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