September 27 – 28, 2017

Day 27

We woke early to fog, but no one else had knocked.

Larry stopped for gas before we were to head down the road again, but he was given attitude, because he apparently was “blocking access”!  WTF, we really needed to leave New Hampshire at this point.

The roads were still winding, hilly, steep, so we’re taking longer, but we finally got to Vermont.  So pretty!  The architecture was amazing!  These are 300 year old houses and they are being spruced up with work being done to the outside.  We can only imagine what they are like inside.  They are either white with columns or all brick for the most part.  Buildings you see in gone with the wind, maybe on a smaller scale.

It didn’t take long to go through Vermont, then on to New York.  Same kind of roads.  We hoped to make it to Syracuse , but it’s slow going.  We stopped to look at a place that had hand made Adirondack furniture.  They were amazingly colorful but most were $500 or more!  No sale.  Guess we’ll stick with the plastic ones!

We made it to the I90 and the trip started moving along.  We noticed Truck service road signs and decided that would be the place to stop for the night.  We wound up picking one about 65 miles out of Syracuse.  It had been a long enough day.  We were hoping for showers, dump and water, but didn’t get any of them.  They didn’t even sell power ball tickets!  Huge lot though, lots of trucks but we were the only rv.

Day 28

We woke before the alarm and we were on the road before 8 am.  We got outside Rochester and decided to stop at one of the service  areas to take a break and get gas.

Parked, kids had an outing, Larry a break.  We then moved on to get gas.  I went into the store to see what they had in terms of souvenirs and maybe even a power ball ticket!  They actually had them!  I got a ticket, yet another hat for Larry and a couple of fridge magnets.  I thought it was taking me along time and headed out, thinking Larry would probably be finished and waiting.

Nope, he was still at the gas pump, doing something around the gas tank.  Good, I thought, he’s just finishing up.  Wrong!  The gas cap had broke off in his hand.  He couldn’t get the centre of it out so he could put gas in and when he would get the centre out, we would have no gas cap!  He was not happy!  words were said and the rv was smacked!

After quite a time, and a myriad of tools he finally managed to pry it off, but when it came off it did with force and hit him in the cheek!  OMG!  Caught him and I off guard, I was so concerned about his eyes and glasses, but he was ok.  When the gas cap came off, it was like I was seeing it in slow motion.  What an experience!

Now we had to get another gas cap.  We phone a couple of rv places, one of which I spoke to a lady in parts and told her our situation and she stated “is that a thing?”  Really?  I said “yes, that is a thing.”  I said goodbye.  One of the rv places suggested I check an auto parts store like NAPA.  I called one other, then NAPA.  He said “sure, just bring everything you have and we’ll find you something to fit”!

We hadn’t planned on going into Rochester, but this NAPA was fairly easy to find.  Go Google!  The parts person was true to his word, he not only found something to fit, he actually had a Coachman gas cap!  After a puppy outing and lunch we were on the road again with an easy out and back on I90!

A couple of miles in and traffic was at a standstill.  There was a transport in the ditch.

And so it goes.  Weather, construction, accidents, only allows for about 300 miles a day.

We spent the night in a really pretty campground off 832.  It had a small lake, and not a lot of campers this late in the season.

Larry spent some time cleaning the black water tank.  We had a supper of frozen pizza.  We really have appreciated the small toaster oven we brought along.  We watched a bit of a really good series called “Deadwood” and off to bed.

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