September 25 – 26, 2017

Day 25 – Calais!

After our morning routine we headed out towards Calais.  We decided to go through the United States going home, hoping that there would be better roads, cheaper gas.

We finally had good roads!  I actually got caught up with my blog notes!

I was a little worried about going through the border, Larry was not.  The reason I was worried was because of all that has been happening with the terror attacks and such, that the security would be tighter.  I had read reviews on-line and there were some very negative.  Saying that they were asked stupid questions, delayed and boarded to check things out.  I was also wondering about the kids.  We had their papers with us, guess I was just be paranoid.

We arrived at the border with no lineup!  Being it was 2:30 in the afternoon, we thought for sure there would be.  The agent asked a few questions that we didn’t feel were weird in any way.  He asked if we had citrus fruit, no; he asked if we had liquor.  He did board, saw a very lived in rv.  He opened the fridge and said “I’m taking the tomatoes”.  We said “sure”.  He then left and said we were good to go – Yay!

Off we went, found the first truck stop to spend the night.  Big truck stop, restaurant and convenience store, gas and a place to stay.

Larry went to the convenience store and for $20 U.S. he bought a nice red and 18 cans of Coors light!  He was a happy camper!  We ate dinner at the restaurant and called it an early night.

Day 26 – Conrad

We had an exceptional night, the kids slept!  They’re doing much better.  Tidied and hit the road!  Highway 9 to Bangor, then I95 south.

The leaves on the trees are unfortunately changing colors in Maine.  The temperatures though aree nearing 30 above.  Apparently it is unusually warm.

We needed propane.  It’s very difficult to find propane in the U.S.  I looked on line and found that some U-Hauls have propane.  There was one in Portsmouth, this is just outside of Boston.  The highway system there was evil looking, and because it was so close to Boston, we were afraid we’d make a wrong turn and wind up in the thick of it, so we carried on.

We made the change to Highway 9, heading to Manchester, called a U-Haul there and they did not have propane.  The next town that had a U-Haul was Conrad, so I called, and they did have it!  It was a little further than we had intended on going but we gained an hour and decided to go to Conrad.

We asked the lady who was getting our propane where we might overnight and she mentioned the Walmart.  She gave us directions.  She said that she had seen rvs there from time to time.  This one had a really large parking lot, but there were lots of signs saying “no overnight parking”.

We figured that since we asked at the last Walmart we stayed at and got information that they did not mind, we’d give it a go.  Just as we parked another rig parked next to us.  Strength in numbers?  Then a semi truck with a load parked, then another rv.  We were confident.

I went into Walmart and bought a few things and we ate dinner.  At around 730 there was a knock on the door.  We were told we could not stay.  We had to go somewhere else.  We went next door to Toys R Us!  They were already closed.

We slept lightly that night and it was hot.  They kids got up for water but not for outside – yay!





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