September 24, 2017

Day 24 – Oak Island

We woke at about 8 am, we wanted to get a decently early start so that we could take a quick trip back to Peggy’s Cove.  Larry wanted to retrieve a Lobster trap he had seen when we were there last.  Alas, the store was closed, it was Sunday.  I did meet up with a lady that was from Saskatchewan.  She was walking by in front of the store that I was checking out.  She was on a bus tour and was only in Peggy’s Cove for a couple of hours.

We also learned that there were so many people in and around Peggy’s Cove because some cruise ships had been rerouted because of the hurricanes from down south.

So we started on our route to Oak Island.  Larry and I have been watching the show for years and we were excited to actually see it.  The road there continued to wind, but it was very picturesque.

We made it to Oak Island at around 11 am.  We headed down that causeway that you see on the show.  Even that was exciting!  Once there, we noted that there were a lot of cars also arriving.  When we did research about the island we found out that they had walking tours of the island, but that they were sold out for the year.  This must be what was happening.

We parked, and I got the kids out for a walk.  We saw the monument of the men who had died while digging for the treasures, and we took pictures.  Larry was even more mesmerized that I was and he headed into the Interpretive Centre while I stayed out.  The people were milling in the yard, it appeared that they were being put into groups for their tours.

One of the tour guides came out to have a meet and greet with the kids.  It seems he had a dog just like Maggie and he was missing him.  We stood out in the yard for awhile, looking around and also noted a green building and I thought, this must be the “War Room”.

Then Larry came out, he seemed very happy and he had a bag.  I guess he must have bought some stuff, I thought to myself.  When he got up close he grinned, saying that he got his picture taken with Charles Barkhouse!  He showed me the picture, and I could tell he was very excited, as was I!  It seems that he wasn’t actually supposed to be there today, but he had shown up and was going to do a tour.  He had just gone into the Interpretive Centre to use the facilities.  This is when Larry caught up to him and asked to have a picture with him.  Talk about windows of opportunity!!!!  If we had been later or earlier by such a small amount of time, this would not have happened!

Larry and Charles

I then took my turn to go into the Interpretive Centre, noting that Charles Barkhouse was now with the tour.  I went in and, I took purchased a tshirt.

We were indeed happy with our trip to Oak Island!

It was now time to make our way back into Nova Scotia and make our turn toward home.  We had decided the night before that there was no way we wanted to go back toward Halifax and Dartmouth, so we planned a different route back through Truro.  Highway 12 toward Kentville, 103 to Windsor, then Highway 14 to Truro.

The roads were not too bad, but winding and narrow.  It was highway, but rural.  We stopped at a place called “Vittels” on Highway 12 for lunch.  The food was good, we were quite hungry by then.  Then continued on our way.

The roads were bad after this and Larry was of the opinion that in its own way it was just as bad as maneuvering through Halifax and Dartmouth!  We arrived in Truro a little early, at a Walmart and did our evening routine.

It should be noted that Max and Maggie were doing a bit better.  I had bought, gravol and pepto bismal, which you can administer to animals.  I had checked with the Vet before leaving home.  We also were now feeding them rice, chicken and broth, and a little kibble.  They seemed to be doing better with the diet.  We only gave them the gravol and pepto if they really seemed off.  They didn’t like either.  They’d shake their heads when I gave the pepto to them with a medicine syringe.  Max had a pink beard for a few days and Maggie had some on her head!

Tomorrow we would be making the turn west at Moncton!






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