September 21, 2017

Day 21 – Dartmouth

We woke in the Canadian Tire lot to find that people were starting to shop.  On waking, I thought I could smell urine.  I was determined that maybe we had missed finding a 2nd accident.  Checked around and, no, there was nothing.  So I assumed it was just something maybe from outside.  We completed our routine and headed off to Dartmouth.

Once in Dartmouth we were going to meet up with Cis and Taff.  This couple are friends from when Larry was in the military.  He had met them long before I had, but they are awesome people and we were excited to see them again.  We had kept in touch through Christmas card, and more recently facebook, but we hadn’t seen them for 25 years or so.

The first 100 miles or so, the roads were bad.  Then when we got closer to Dartmouth, we got onto a two lane Super High Way.  Cis had given us directions to a Walmart Superstore mall and that’s we headed.  This was no simple mall.  It had a Michaels, Marshalls, IKEA, Home Depot, Staples, Canadian Tire; only to name a few.

We did get lost once, trying to find the Walmart, but once there we were quite happy.  It was a huge lot.  We let Cis and Taff know we were in and they said they would be right over!  I tidied as quick as I could and fed the kids.  I was less than happy with my road weary appearance, but there was nothing I could do that quickly.

True to their word, they were over within minutes.  It was so good to see them.  They hadn’t changed a bit and though there were so many things that had transpired in both our lives, like illnesses and children and moves, they time seemed to melt away and we were immediately immersed in old times and catching up.

Larry and Taff had worked together in the military and had been close friends.  It was quite a reunion.

old friends

Pictures were taken and they invited us over for “Chinese”.  They took us, and the kids, over to their house.  Very quaint, homey, pretty.  The backyard was well treed, and the trees were huge.  The kind of tree that takes plenty of time.  Larry and I had never lived in one space long enough to see trees grow this large!  Max and Maggie had a ball!  Cis was gracious and allowed them the run of the house and the yard and they ran a bit of the “being cooped up in an rv”.

We shared a meal, more discussion, and more pics.  Cis is from Newfoundland and we shared our visit with Linda and Roy and she told us more about the province.  one point in the evening I overheard Taff telling Larry how to get to Peggy’s Cove, which is where we were headed next.  It sounded simple.  He was motioning with his hands a direction “just go that way, then take the McDonald Bridge”.  Sounded quite simple to me.

Exhausted, it was finally time to go.  But not before Cis gave Larry “Canned Moose” and Moose sausage.  They also offered us the use of one of their cars, which only good friends would do.  But we declined because we try to keep our plans somewhat loose, so that we can overnight wherever.

Taff gave us a ride back to the rv and after difficult goodbyes, we settled us and the kids and set the alarm for 7:30.  Tomorrow we would continue on our journey, with more sight seeing.

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