September 20, 2017

Day 20, Ferry Back to North Sydney

We were up most of the night with the kids.  To make matters worse, it was still wet and mucky so it was a two man job, taking them out and getting them wiped off and trying to settle in and go back to sleep.

We got up at 8 am and started the day’s routine.  We are really unsure about this ferry ride with the kids not feeling well.  We’re, again, not sure how they will fare in the 6 to 7 hour run.

This time was different because we had to get checked by the Food Agency.  No veggies from Newfoundland; especially potatoes, turnips, cabbage, carrots, onions.  We passed and could continue on.  We were told which line to wait in and it took another hour or so to start the boarding process. I had a chance to take the kids out one last time in the pet area.

Ferry ride was better, for me as well.  No sea sickness.  We had a meal on board, not bad, turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing and veggies.

About an hour later the ferry started it’s docking procedures.  It seemed to take forever, we were watching land come into sight, and I was anxious to get back to the kids.  Then Larry said “they’re turning the opposite way”!  We figured this shouldn’t be happening.  Then he said “We’re backing up”!  Then “We’re stalled”!

I sat there getting more anxious, worried that they were having engine problems, and we’d have to be hauled off the ferry in dinghies!  I looked at other people from side to side and they didn’t seem concerned.  I wondered why we hadn’t heard anything in the intercom.

Then finally, over the intercom, they said we could start moving to our vehicles!  I then turned around and looked behind us.   I saw that we were in fact already docked!  I told Larry, who then also turned around.  We both couldn’t believe that the docking took place behind us!  We had been sitting backward!

Needless to say we were embarrassed.  Luckily no one was aware of what had transpired.  We both laughed, in spite of the fact that we now hurried to get to our rv and check things out.  We looked around, one small accident – Whew!

They were excited to see us, but they still couldn’t get out for a bit.  We left the ferry site and, after one wrong turn, found some green space.  We then decided to have a quick look at North Sydney since we didn’t have a chance to when we had last been here.

North Sydney’s harbor and downtown area is pretty, but is hilly and has narrow streets. Not made for a 34 foot rv.  After not long, we turned around and went to the same Canadian Tire we had stayed at before.  It had been a long day.  We had something to eat and called it an early night.


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