September 11, 2017

Day 11 – North Sydney Ferry!

We started out fairly early, planning to go and visit Magnet Hill before heading into Nova Scotia and North Sydney where the ferry going to Newfoundland is.

We found Magnet Hill easily and we were about fourth in line to see and experience it.  We’ve done some research on it and there is a lot of folklore and speculation as to what happens.  Some people say that it is a magnetic pull, others say it is an optic illusion.

There were a couple of guys ahead of us who were very into it.  One guy road up part way while the other filmed.  Then they changed spots and the other one experienced the hill pulling up their vehicle while the other filmed.  When it was time for us, we went up head first as opposed to smaller vehicles who were told to go up in reverse.  Larry said that he did not have his foot on the gas pedal, but we were going up!  I really didn’t experience any feeling of a magnetic pull or anything, but we certainly did experience it and we can add that to our resume!

When it was time to leave, it wasn’t so easy!  There were two ways to get out, neither of which were the same way we came in.  One we couldn’t find and the other was through a covered bridge.  The bridge had a height restriction and we weren’t quite certain how high our rv was!  So what do you do?  You send Shirl out to visually keep an eye on the rv as it was going under.  Meanwhile, Larry went as slow as he absolutely could.  I guess our rv is under 12’3!  We made it and carried on into Nova Scotia!.

Wind!  They were incredibly strong, winding roads, hills, and wrong turns!  Then just before we got to North Sydney and we were going through some bridges, the weather started turning for the worse!  Heavy wind and heavy downpour as we crossed a long causeway and the waves were blowing across the road!  This was not fun!

We just had time, once we finally reached North Sydney to drive into a Canadian Tire parking lot before the really heavy winds started and the rain was coming down in torrents!  We tried to wait for a lull before we had to take the poor kids out to do their business.  They goodness we had the foresight to pack rain ponchos, although they really were no match for the wind!  The kids were little troopers, did their business and we went back into our home.  The wind was rocking the rv

This is another really interesting experience, having puppies in all kinds of weather and trying to keep your rolling home clean.

We were wondering what the next day would bring because we were going to be on a ferry and I was really hoping that the wind and rain would die down before we left!

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