September 10, 2017

Day 10 – Sightseeing in New Brunswick!

We’re going to do some sightseeing today and hopefully we’ll manage to take the camera out! The countryside of New Brunswick is pretty; rolling hills, we’ve had some fog and some sun.

Since Ontario we’ve been noticing “chip trucks”.  We stopped at Florence Village, which is “The French Fry Capital of the world.  We stop at the Chip Museum, but as luck would have it, it is closed, and so was this chip truck!  I wouldn’t think Sunday should make a difference where tourism is concerned but alas it is closed. We stopped at Potato World and took pictures of each other with the kids, with our heads inside a wood potato plant.  The McCain factory was there, but it too was closed.  So we did do a bit of touristy stuff.

We made our way to St. John’s, New Brunswick where we wanted to see the Bay of Fundy and the Reversing Falls. We first stopped at a Visitor’s Centre to get directions.  We spoke to a gentleman there who was very knowledgeable and we chatted like old friends.  He was very interesting to talk to.  He seemed really happy in his work!  With that we went off to find the Bay of Fundy.

There were quite a lot of cars there and the Bay was truly amazing.  The waves are breathtaking.  The kids had never seen water like this and Maggie kept running away, although she did manage to get her paws wet.  Max kept running in after the wave and then the wave would come in and he’d get a mouth full of salt water and run away, and then he’d do the same thing again.

Larry and I were awe-struck.  Just the vastness of it was truly a sight, it seemed to be alive.  Again, we did the touristy stuff, took pictures and picked rocks.  There was a couple there who lived in the area, the lady took a picture of us for us and the man was telling Larry about the tankers we could see off in the distance.  He said that they were carrying oil and then take them to the refineries.  This is why the oil companies would like to build pipelines, in order to stream line the carriage of oil from one part o the country to another.

All too soon it was time to go and so we left the Bay of Fundy behind.  I’ve never seen Max so happy!  They were  both wet and their paws were full of sand, but Max, at least had a great big happy dog grin!

We then went to the reversing falls!  They proved to be, to say the least “underwhelming”!  They looked more like rapids than falls.  One side was higher than the other and where you’d think the high side would be flowing into the low side, it appeared as though the opposite was happening.  Then eventually they reverse.  We were told that this was apparently high tide.  So I imagine that low tide would be even less impressive.  Apparently at some point they reverse this process and when this happens, there is only a 20 minute window for any boats to go through.

There was a long set of stairs meandering down closer to the falls and I thought perhaps the view would be better there.  After going down a hundred steps or more I realized that the best view was actually from above.  Who knew.

After standing for awhile, taking pictures and hoping for something miraculous, we decided we’d probably seen all there was to be seen.

We were all quite tired by this time and our initial plan was to get to Moncton and spend the night there.  The road had it’s own plan.  The wind was up by this time and Larry was once again fighting it as we headed toward Moncton.  We finally had to stop about 50 km away at a Superstore Parking Lot.

It was a great family day and we actually had some sunshine!




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