September 9, 2017

Day 9 – Day 1 New Brunswick!

Our first time in New Brunswick and just the start of our Atlantic experience.  We stopped at the Edmundston Truck Stop, just inside the province.  We got there just as it was getting dark.

This is a really big truck stop which has a restaurant, Tim Hortons, Convenience store, washrooms, showers, laundry.  A really large area for trucks and rvs.  There were other rvs there when we got there.  Nice grassed areas.  There were a number of other restaurants close by along with a casino!

We’ve decided to stay two nights, we’re pretty tired especially after the day we had in Quebec.  We started the day with our normal routine, taking the kids out, tidying and I indulged in a $10 shower.  Amazing!  The shower area is really clean, and there are complimentary towels and shampoo.  Although I brought my own.

We headed out to replenish our supplies and of course got lost, started heading towards the Quebec border again!  We corrected it fairly quickly.  The trouble with making a wrong turn on a highway is the fact that there are very few places to turn around and go back, especially with a big rig.

Our little trip took a couple of hours but we were back.  We found out that there was also a dump site in the truck stop and we took advantage of that too, also getting some fresh water.

We decided to indulge in the restaurant for dinner and had a hot meal.  We’re also trying to get Max and Maggie used to staying on the rv by themselves as they will be staying board during the ferry rides.

I didn’t take in the casino, which I wish I had.

The rv is performing well, we’re amazed at how well it is staying in one piece with all the horrible roads she has had to go through.  I am learning about the switches on the rig, turning the generator on and off, the pump, the heater, furnace, fridge.  Larry is pleased he doesn’t have to do it all himself.

One thing we are not doing is putting the slide out when we’re parked in other than a campsite.  The truck stops are there for transient customers and putting the slide out seems more permanent.  So we move on board like you would on an airplane.  You have to move aside to let someone else pass.  Larry considers this a “perk” as, shall we say he likes the “purposeful brushes”.

In a small area you wouldn’t think that things would get lost, but they sure do!

Tomorrow we’ve decided to do a bit of sight-seeing through New Brunswick and we plan on taking lots of pictures.

Every evening, before settling in for the night, we take out the maps and plot our journey for the next day and get an idea for the day after.  Today is no exception.  This really begins the best part of the trip!

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