September 8, 2017

Day 8 – Quebec

After a decent night’s rest we were ready to tackle Quebec in one day.

It was HORRIBLE!  The roads were bad (a common theme).  We also drove through with our high school French.  I didn’t realize how hard it would be.  We certainly understand the numbers, the directions (north, south, west, and east) in French, it’s just when they added other stuff.  And by the time you google the words, you’ve already driven past.

We did manage to get to Montreal.  I’ve been there before, with a work trip, but didn’t do any driving.  This time of course we were in the rv.  Montreal is heavy into construction.  It’s amazing!  There were detours and lane closures and we finally made it to the Champlain bridge.  A very large, very long bridge, very impressive.  But what was even more impressive is that they are twinning it and this was just amazing.  This bridge runs across the St Lawrence.

We had almost gotten on the road on the other side when we made a wrong turn!  We were actually headed back over the same bridge and through all the construction we had just gone through!  With all this neither of us knew how the heck we were going to get back!  I had a sinking feeling.

Finally, we were able to exit off of this madness, but this was not great either, because now we didn’t know where we were and didn’t know how to get back to the throughway.  The roads were narrow, parked cars everywhere.  We were freaking.

This is something you can’t google your way out of.  All the construction and alternate routes are not covered in google.

Somehow Larry kept his wits, and we got back on track.  I say he used his “spidy sense”.  But he just kept on moving back to the direction we wanted to go.  Of course then we had to get onto the through street again.  Then he turned onto this road, just a normal road, no way it looked like an exit onto the freeway, but there it was!  My hero! he did it.  We managed to get through and not make that wrong turn again!

We had spent about an hour and a half in Montreal!  After that we all needed a break, Larry the most.  His muscles were all tensed up.  Driving the 35 foot rv down narrow streets and making weird turns took a toll.  We stopped at a roadside rest stop.  Very pretty, lots of trees.  The kids loved all the sniffs, and Larry spent his time stretching all the knots out.

By now the kids had been sick, Maggie first for a couple of days and then Max.  Poor ducks.

Finally we all soldiered on, getting back into the rv.  We got through Quebec city with only a small hiccup.  Almost made a wrong turn but at the last minute corrected it.

We made it through Montreal, and into New Brunswick, making it to a large truck stop in Edmundston.  We got there just before dark.  We were all exhausted, especially Larry who definitely needed the break.


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