September 7, 2017

Day 7 – Cornwall

We spent our third and final day in Ontario.  It’s really incredible how big Ontario really is.

Courtesy is not a word we can describe Ontario with, certainly not on the roads.

We stayed at an Irving truck stop.  These truck stops are usually really good.  They have some kind of food outlet, convenience store, gas of course, and other things.  Sometimes they have dumps sites and water.  Some of them have showers and laundry facilities, usually they are really clean.  A shower will set you back about $10.  But for this you get complimentary shampoo and hotel like towels.  Laundry will cost about $2.00 per load for wash and $2.00 to dry.

This time the night was busy with trucks coming and going and a bit noisy.  If you’re like Larry and I we’re usually just really too tired to notice much.

If you’re counting, we’ve only paid for two nights so far!

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