September 5, 2017

Left Happy Land at Kakebeka Falls, just outside Thunder Bay.  Its been raining for 4 to 5 days, so most of the journey thus far.  It has also been windy, which is not good in the RV which is built like a wall against the wind.

We started our trek around Lake Superior.  Bad roads, and lots of construction, that along with the winding roads makes the trip take even longer.

The gas prices are amazing.  Generally gas prices have gone up because of the weather down in the southern states, but here around the lakes the prices are incredible.  We’ve seen the price up to $1.42 per litre.

I’m finding that with the slide not out the rv is narrow and is kind of like maneuvering in an airplane.  You know where the flight attendants are into the cupboards getting refreshments ready and where they go through the overhead cabinets to shut all of them before takeoff.  This is what it reminds me of every time I am going through the bins.

Larry has to dump approximately every 3 to 4 days.  Even after he dumps, it still registers 1/2 full.  He’s checked with a stick to see if there is a block, but nothing there, so we’re thinking there must be a problem with the sensors.

Stayed overnight just outside Wawa.  Stayed in a small Husky, lots of mud but fairly quiet.



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