September 1, 2017

September 1, 2017

The day has finally arrived!!!  We got up at 7 am and began the last minute preparations.  We turned the generator on the night before so that the fridge was cold and we could load our perishables.  I made sandwiches and the night before I put a slow cooker stew together.  I plugged it in and set it for 8 hours.

Larry kept busy running things back and forth from the house to the rv.  Groceries, dog food, toiletries.  Everything else that was missed before.

I took Max and Maggie out for a list minute walk before leaving and then I was to lock up the house.  While walking I was mentally going over all the electronics and their cords to see if I could remember packing them all.  Then it came to me “The Computer!”  Thankfully I remembered it and got it before locking the house up.

The first section of our trip was to Regina.  Holy molly are they undergoing growing pains or what.  It’s been awhile since we’ve been to Regina.  There is so much construction going on, incredible!  Of course the highways around Regina were under construction and it took what seemed like forever to get through.  Slow speeds and barriers everywhere.

Meanwhile as we drove, the aroma of the stew wafted through the rv.

Our first overnight was in a very nice rest stop.  It had a grassy area, and lots of trees, right off the highway.  It was between Fleming and Elkhorn Manitoba.  The weather was really nice. We were really exhausted but we had some of the delicious supper that we were thankful for after the long day.

We settled down to relax for a couple of hours before going to sleep.  We noticed that there were quite a few trucks pulling in.  Then we heard, what I thought was someone watching a movie.  Then we realized, no, that was not a movie.  It was pigs!  I guess even truckers driving pigs have to take rest breaks!

Larry said “they’re taking the pigs to slaughter”  Ugh, quite the discussion ensued.  I was sure that this wasn’t the case, that there must have been another reason to be transporting pigs.  “Maybe they are going to auction” I said.  Larry said “yes, and then to slaughter”.  He was laughing, I was disgusted, but in the end I could not make a good argument as to where they could possibly be going that didn’t end at the slaughter house!

We finally went to sleep, exhausted, Our first travel day done.


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