September 4, 2017

September 2, 2017

We were up at 7:30, got ready, took the dogs out for their morning ritual.  We had coffee, tidied up and hit the road.

First went through Brandon.  While going through an area we saw a really neat 40’s or 50’s classic Jaguar!  A pretty green.  I have a thing for Jaguars.   We then went around Winnipeg. When I say we went around, I really mean it.  They have a ring road and it takes you away from the city and right around.  Naturally, it’s called the “Ring Road”.

Manitoba is flat like Saskatchewan, more trees and bushes, but much like Saskatchewan.  Larry says “same but different”.  It was quite a hot drive but we used the ceiling air conditioner and it worked really well.

We finally hit the lake areas and the scenery was pretty.  We spent the night in Kenora Ontario.  We found out that we could also stay at Husky truck stops.  There was nothing fancy about this one.  But there was a grassy area for the kids and that’s all we really needed.

The only downside so far is the fact that our little girl is quite nervous in the rv.  We’ve taken her on a lot of long trips and she normally settles on the 2nd day but the shaking of the rv where the roads were bad and the steady truck traffic unsettled her.  There was an enormous amount of trucks on the road.  We’re travelling on the Labor Day Long Weekend and there is a lot of traffic.

We were happy that everything in the coach was working!  The evening was uneventful, just a good rest after our 2nd day of travel!

Day 3

Our first full day in Ontario.  We have two way traffic on highway 17 mostly consisting  of winding roads and trucks, but very scenic.  Maggie continues to shake.

We had peanut butter and banana sandwiches for lunch.

Larry is doing really well driving.   It’s also been quite windy with sometimes huge gusts, and he finds this a bit nerve racking but all in all he’s doing really well.

With everything that’s going on with the hurricanes down south, we expected that the gas prices would go up, but we were not prepared for the prices in the lake country.  We also didn’t realize that there were long stretches with no gas stations.  We finally had to get some at $1.28/litre.

While looking at the maps and googling dump sites we came across a campsite near Thunder Bay.  We decided to check it out and at least use the dump facilities.  We were both surprised that we already needed to do this, we have only been out 3 days.

The rv camp is called Happy Land and its in the Kakabeka Falls area.  We drove in and went to the office to check dumping prices and to see if they had a site available.  Larry thought he could drive further, but we had lost two hours over the last two days and it was getting darker sooner.  I was surprised to learn that they did indeed had a site available and we decided to stay two nights.  Take a well deserved day off.

We set up and got a supper ready just as it started getting dark.  By the time we had supper, it was completely dark.  We cleaned up and sat down to watch a movie and relax and the rain started coming down.  It had been spitting most of the day but now it was coming down very heavy.  We let the kids out when it seemed the rain had slowed for a bit and we went to bed.

Day 4

I knew that Maggie had been restless during the night but Larry and I were exhausted and didn’t pay attention.  She is often up and down on the bed in the night.  Yes, they sleep with us!

In the morning we woke to quite a startling sight.  Maggie had had a number of watery poos and throw ups during the night!

I had inadvertently not brought along much cleaning supplies when we left home.  So we had very rudimentary cleaning supplies to clean up my freshly steam cleaned carpet!  Larry took the kids out while I scrubbed.  Thankfully it had stopped raining.

Poor little girl.  We must go on though and at the very least, I know that dogs are allowed to take gravol.  Which I’ve checked on with the vet.  This will be a treat for the next few days.  Obviously she needs a little help.  I pray she will calm.

After cleaning, Larry and I had showers, me in the rv and Larry at the showers in the camp.  A Little blogging and relaxing.   Max and Maggie are spending most of the day napping.  We have taken them out on a really neat trail at the camp grounds that they enjoyed a  lot.  We’ll hit the road again tomorrow.  Who knows what the day will bring.

Stay tuned…………….


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