August 28, 2017

We got the RV back!   A day early, unbelievable!

My birthday was the 29th and we figured because we’d be deep in preparations that we’d go out for supper on the 28th.  Yes, I am 64, I am now the same age as Larry!

My favorite group, growing up, was the Beatles and I remember very well the song:  “When I get older”.  Thinking that that was such a long time in the distance.  I remember when Paul McCartney turned 64, and the words to that song came to me.  Now as I turn 64, the words are clear to me again.

Tuesday morning, August 29th we got up early and started.  Checking those lists and checking them again.  Making the bed in the rv, loading clothes, last minute cleaning.  Larry was busy preparing the rv, making sure we had gas, extra oil, transmission fluid and a myriad of other necessities.  He also had to fill up the fresh water tank.

It doesn’t end there.  There’s last minute laundry, ordering extra meds for the long journey, making sure our buddies’ shots are up to date.  Trying to get the guys that deliver the flyers to please not deliver a mountain of them while we are gone.  Extra groceries for the rv so that we don’t have to visit McDonalds too often.

We left instructions for our daughter and her boyfriend to check in on the house, and it only cost us the loan of one of our vehicles for our daughter to drive while we’re gone.  She has just finished university and her finances have only allowed her a minimalistic vehicle.  We also let the neighbors know that we’d be gone.

We couldn’t believe that we were at last leaving in a few days and the time went fast!  Thursday we picked our daughter and her boyfriend up from the airport and they took Winston home!  Boy was he happy to leave us!


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