August 7, 2017

Katie and her boyfriend took the motorhome out on the long weekend.  The weekend before they came by to have a crash course in rv survival 101.

So they picked up the rv on Friday Aug 5 at about 6.  They loaded it up with everything young adults require for a weekend and headed off.

We figured we were safe for a little while and sat down to dinner.  Nope, as soon as I got a look at my phone again there were two texts and two phone calls!  Nothing major but kind of cute.

All in all they had a good time.  It was more work than they realized, but they thought it was pretty cool.

That is something that Larry and I have realized as well.  When you’re taking trips that are only a couple days long, there is pretty much the same amount of work as if you are staying a month!

We look forward to starting out on our journey on September 1, but we will be stopping every night and going through most of the setups and teardowns every day!


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