August 28, 2017

Time rolls along.  Since spring we have had a complete inspection done on the rv, we have had the generator serviced.  We have had oil changes, the hot water tank had to be looked again and the air conditioner replaced.

We have gone on some short rv park trips to check things out and perfect the setting up and tearing down.  Our daughter and her boyfriend took it out for a weekend too, a second pair of eyes and all.

Two weeks before we are to leave and we started gearing up the generator, letting it run for periods of time each day.  I steam cleaned the carpets using the power from the house.

My first shot at steam cleaning I ran out of soap and there was no store in our community that we knew of that had steamer soap.  The next time out of the area we bought some soap and took the rv out to a parking lot so that we could move out the slide and clean the carpet under the slide.  The generator switched off.

After a third try we put the slide out at the house and used the power from the house again and managed to finish.  We continued to check the generator and it was shutting down.  We made an appointment with the generator service centre and took it in.

After a day and a half at the shop they called us and said that the generator was working fine and they couldn’t find a problem.  So we picked it up, not happy as we did not want to have the generator shut down while we are on the road.

We got the rv home and Larry decided to give it a try just to be sure.  It shut down twice after 10 minutes each time!  Larry called the shop and said he was bringing it back.  He was not a happy camper!

While there he started it and sure enough it stopped with the service guys there watching!  So they had a look around and couldn’t find what was wrong.  They decided to take it into the shop and take the generator out and check it thoroughly.  They next morning we received a phone call and they said that an arm was broken, that they would need to order a new one and it would cost about $1700!  We were not happy.

Larry went into see them and spoke to the manager.  He was willing to discount this quote.  Needless to say we were a bit happier.  However, around noon we received yet another phone call.  The whole generator was compromised, falling apart and they needed Larry to come and see.  We both went.

There was our sick generator and they showed us where bolts were breaking off and not looking particularly good.  They said that they hadn’t gone over everything yet, but that best guess was to repair, they would have to continue taking it apart and order parts.  Not knowing what additional material they would need they thought so far approximate cost $3000!

With our trip looming we weren’t sure what to do, but this piecemeal repair did not sound too promising so we asked about replacing.  They did not have used generators. Ok, what is the cost to replace with new?  $6000!  Timeframe?  August 29.

So we wait and we are hoping for some good news tomorrow.  There is so much to be done for us to leave on September 1.  Needless to say this puts a bit of a crimp in our travelling budget.  Travelling in an rv is not for the faint of heart.  We knew it would be an expensive hobby, but really?

We’re trying to stay positive and prepare as much as we can in the few days we have left before we leave.  Stay tuned!


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