June 21, 2017

Summer solstice, longest day of the year!

These days, with google et al, there is no need to wonder about anything.  If you want to know what something means or how to do something, you can just go on the internet and find out.  We should be the most knowledgeable people in history, yet.

Another way to find out about different things is to check out someone’s blog.  Larry and I did something for the first time yesterday.  We washed the RV.  Larry scouted out car washes that can accommodate large trucks and found out that they will also accommodate large RVs.

I was amazed.  The stall was huge!  with washing wands on both sides .  We at first thought we could wash on both sides at the same time, but when I turned the water on, Larry’s side would lose pressure, so we took turns.  There’s also a catwalk of sorts on both sides where you can climb and wash the top of the vehicle.  Very cool.  It’s like a car wash only much, much bigger.

Who knows what else we don’t know?

This week we are also looking after our daughter’s fur baby.  The animals now outnumber the people in our house!  Feeding time is very interesting.  Everyone wants to get fed first.  Thank goodness there are two of us to set the floor for meals.  Maggie’s table etiquette is such that she leaves a trail of food, looking for the choicest kibble while she works through her bowl.  She is missing a few teeth, and this is partly why she picks through her food.  Max gobbles down his kibble and sometimes throws up because he’s eaten too fast.  Winston eats, in spurts, takes a few bites, walks around, eats a few more and on and on until he is done.  Then he takes a huge drink of water and leaves a trail about 10 feet around!  Of course they will all, at some point also check out each other’s bowl and steal a few from each other.  The fact that they each have their own bowls is merely a suggestion.

Winston is a medium to large dog, weighing about 85 lbs.  Max is about 25 lbs and Maggie is no more than 15 lbs.  Needless to say this makes for quite the dynamic.  Winston can walk over top the other two. Shall we also say that Max and Maggie’s output is dwarfed by that of their buddy Winston.

Having said all that, Winston is a very well-behaved, loving, quiet dog.  Max is also very low key and loving.  He tends to go a little bonkers when other dogs walk in front of the house, but also well-behaved.  Maggie, is also very loving and well-behaved, does tend to bark at the window.  Maggie, barely tolerates Winston.  she nips at his heels if he gets too much attention from me.

It’s very interesting the way they interact, and the household is a very different place this week.  We will miss him when he’s gone back to his mom, but he will return for a few days in August! Stand by!

I remember an experience we had with our last dog.  She was a basset hound.  Beautiful dog.  We took her with us on a trip across Canada.  There were three of us and only one of her and we travelled in a van, which took about two weeks.  By the time we got home the car looked like a dog kennel and smelled of dog.  Now how does that work?  Bless her heart we still miss her.



One thought on “June 21, 2017

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