June 5, 2017

Saling, Saling!  We went to our community garage sales last weekend.  First of all it was so windy we had a hard time finding some sales because the wind had blown signs and balloons!  But there were enough of them to whet ones appetite for this sport. People of any age go garage saling, and you can certainly recognize the avid salers.

When Larry and I go garage saling,  for the most part he drives and I run out and have a look, wave him in if there’s something I think he’d be interested in, or do a round, offer my thanks and run back to the car to go on to the next one! Of course its always nice when you can get a cluster of sales on a block, the sense of adventure and excitement is multiplied.

I think we all have an idea of the treasures we might find when we are out saling.  Maybe there’s something you really need but haven’t been able to find in the stores, maybe you’re looking for something of yester year to bring back memories or to repurpose.  Or just maybe you’ve been watching the picker shows and are searching for that amazing bargain that you can resell and become rich!

Alas, I believe that these days with kiji, and craig’s list (to name only a couple) the garage sales are, at least to me, lacking.  I’m not saying that the sales are useless, but in so many cases they contain the same articles.  You can tell whether you want to stop from 20 feet away.  If you happen on one that has a sea of pink and baby blue, you know that included in this sale is a myriad of children’s toys and clothes.  For the young parent trying to outfit their youngsters with gently used treasures, this can be a godsend.  But for the baby boomer with no grandchildren this is a red flag!

I think pretty much every sale we stopped at had some form of grass trimmer,  old tires, rickety shelves, really old exercise equipment, the remnants of a home business that didn’t quite make it, and lots of glassware and nicnacs.  We did go to some garage sales that offered baking for sale and some that had lemonade stands.

People have garage sales to clean out clutter, because there’s an eventual move, because of downsizing or just because they’ve nothing to do on a Saturday.  Was our expedition a dismal failure?  I wound up buying a set of Tupperware measuring cups for $3!

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