May 25, 2017

Shame.  That is the word that best describes the space between my last blog and this one.  Were there reasons?  More like excuses.  Larry and I have not been well.  But no, our fingers were not affected!

We last spoke of waiting for the time when we could take the RV out, aging and downsizing.  It’s amazing how time can change things, not for better or worse necessarily, just change.

Wills done – check; Health Directive done – check; downsize and put house up for sale?  Not so much.

I have been completely encapsulated by my “mortality”.  So much so I began to feel utterly morbid.  In order to truly downsize, you must think of your future needs.  How long will I live?  What will I need 5 years from now? 10? 15?

Larry and I realized that neither one of us could make up our minds as to what that would or should look like, and I was feeling depressed about the whole thing.  I reverted to an adage I had heard many years ago.  “When in doubt – don’t”.    So we’ve put the moving on the back burner for now, and we’ve decided to enjoy life!

The RV.  Well, we were going to head down the road to Newfoundland starting April 1.  We also decided to put that off until September 1st – ish.  Are we ever glad we did.

We knew we needed a few things serviced on the RV, and in addition we had to clean and stock it.

She went into the shop for over a week and had the generator cleaned up and a cover put on.

Another week in the shop to have it looked over from stem to stern.  Springs on hydraulics needed replacing; water heater spout needed replacing; Propane tank needed to be sanded of rust and repainted; Vent covers needed to be replaced; Fresh water bladder was cracked and leaking; Oil change.  To name only a few, but when we picked her up we were told that she was ready to hit the road!

We started outfitting her with the day to day needs.  Dishes, small appliances, pots and pans, cleaners, books, games, etc.  Larry was busy getting new hoses and tools together.  Who wants their black watering mingling with the last owner’s black water, really?

We scouted out parks in the close proximity to home and we decided to venture out for a couple of days to get use to setting things up and cooking and living in a smaller space.

We chose a park about a half hour away and we loaded up the RV with ourselves and our buddies and went down the road.  It was actually a really nice couple of days.  Larry was a pro at setting the RV up.  He says this is because he looked at so many youtube videos during the winter, and read until his eyeballs were falling out.  But he was indeed my hero.  We were able to use the potty, and we had all the electricity we needed, not to mention ice for his rum and coke!

We did find that acquiring a slinky (for the black hose) was important as it would stabilize it.  No one wants to inadvertently kick the black hose off its connection!

We spent two days and had a pretty good time, except for the fact that the park’s wifi was not working.  We also learned that if you have a “Sam’s Club” membership you get discounts off of park fees!

We were very satisfied with ourselves after this short trip and we were anxious to head out again.  This time about a week later we headed down to visit some family.  Our intention was to spend the night at a Walmart.  We felt that this would be a good time to try this as we will be staying at this type of accommodations in the fall on our way out east.

It was very warm when we headed out, approximately two and a half hours this time.  About an hour into the trip it started to get very warm in the RV and decided it was time to try the air conditioning.  Oops – no air conditioning!  We stopped for lunch along the way and Larry tried to run some water – pumps weren’t working!

We did manage to get to our destination, had a lovely visit.  Then the weather turned and it was getting really windy and rain was imminent.  We decided to head home so we could figure the pumps and air out.

Larry figured out the pumps very quickly on our return.  As it turns out, one of the things we need to do is keep referring to our check lists, if we had at this time we would have known that you cannot use the pumps when you’re driving, and also the correct placement of the switches.  Big come away – keep a jug of water in the bathroom while travelling!

We brought the RV back into look at the air conditioning.  No parts in Canada.  So now we wait again.

I can’t help but think back to a day when Larry and I were browsing in the RV store one day, looking for toilet chemicals (like you do); Larry asked another customer if he had an RV.  He said no, just a trailer for work.  He also said that it was an “expensive hobby”. We are certainly learning that the hard way.

We are really happy with the decision to wait until the fall to head out on a long journey.  The learning curve is steep and we need the time.  We laugh at ourselves now when we think that we were going to head out on April 1 into the unknown.  Silly us!

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