March 26, 2017

So it’s been awhile since I last posted.  Alas the flu has overtaken our household.  By household I mean Larry and I.  Doesn’t matter if we’re retired, doesn’t matter that we got flu shots,  the flu doesn’t care.

I’m not even sure how to tell if I have the flu.  Most times I hear people coughing and hacking for weeks on end and this is the flu.  However, stomach flu is quite different.  It’s a time when your insides decide they want to get out!

I thought I had food poisoning at the start.  But when 3 days later Larry suffered the same symptoms, we realized “Hey, it must be stomach flu”.

So here I am 10 days later and feeling like my old self (emphasis on the old).

We decided to postpone our maiden motorhome trip till the fall.  Not just because of the flu, but honestly, we need to get some things done on our motorhome and have not been able to up to this point.  It seems during the winter the snowbirds leave and the rv dealerships and service centers hibernate.

We also came to the conclusion that there is much we have to learn about living in our rv and we will take some smaller trips and learn as much as we can before heading out on a 10,000 km journey.

At the same time, we decided to become responsible seniors and redo our wills, get our health directives in order and start cleaning house.  We’ve met too many people recently who have had to painstakingly go through their parents’ belongings after they have passed away.

We’ve also decided to downsize, move into a smaller place or condo.  This, I have been having trouble with.  When is it too soon?  I’ve noticed people much older than we who stay in their homes well into their 80’s, but I have heard of people in their early 60’s putting their names on a waiting list for senior’s complexes!  I do, however feel that the time to do it is when you can do it.

Larry and I have both had health problems in the more recent past years which made it difficult to do our yard work and deal with stairs.  At the same time it is hard to let go of the planning of gardens, and the good feeling you get when the yard has all been manicured, and you’re sitting on your deck with a cold beer.

It’s just another dilemma that we have as we age, like the one in which I found myself retired in the first place.

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