March 16, 2017

One of the topics we will be talking about in our blog is our retirement and how it affects us on a daily basis.  We are now on a “fixed income”.  So we’ve looked at our discretionary spending and the time we spend together.  We’ve decided, even though we enjoy eating out, that we would eat at home more.

Again, Larry retired last October.  I am very fortunate that without any prodding, he was totally in for doing more at home.  He also decided that he would help with the Christmas baking.  Normally, his “helping” with the Christmas baking was confined to the tasting!

This past Christmas, along with his duty as “official taster”, he also chopped, rolled, and cleaned up.  Those of you who do Christmas baking can attest to the fact that there is a considerable amount of clean up.

In terms of cooking meals at home we decided that we would not stay with status quo.  Just because we were eating at home, didn’t mean it had to be monotonous.  So we found cooking shows that we both like and decided to try new and innovative recipes.  Facebook and Pinterest are also really good sources for recipes.

Larry and I both love Wor Wonton soup.  Up until recently I thought the “Wor” was “War”.  I found out that the “Wor” means “everything”.  So to the regular wonton soup is added any vegetable you might have, as well as perhaps shrimp.

We went on the hunt for wontons.  We figured just like ravioli, we should be able to find these already made.  We searched to no avail.  Then we looked for wonton wrappers.  We had just about exhausted all avenues but two, Superstore and Costco.  We went to Superstore and low and behold!  There they were!

I found a recipe for Wor Wonton soup, including the filling for the wontons and one Saturday afternoon, armed with our recipe and our newly found wrappers, Larry and I proceeded to make wontons!

This process is a lot like making perogies. They take a lot of time and effort to make, but you can go into the grocery store and buy them for about $3 for a couple dozen and they come quite close to the ones you spend hours and hours on and wind up with your kitchen covered from ceiling to floor with flour!

The wonton dough is thin and some of it sticks together.  But Larry and I made the filling and learned how to fill, stick and twist the tails and in the end wound up with 4 dozen wontons!  And they mostly resembled the ones at your favorite Asian restaurant!

We made the soup: chicken broth, ginger, garlic.  We added vegetables: carrots, cabbage, broccoli and green onions and then added the wontons.  We were so proud!  It looked amazing.  To tell the truth it actually tasted better than any of the soup we’d had at any of the restaurants!

So overall it actually was worth the effort and we had something at home that we would normally only go out for!

Then a few days later we happened to be in Costco and found actual frozen wontons! Go figure!

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