March 10, 2017

It’s another cold day at home.  Spring is only 11 days away – really?

In line with the trips we are taking with our motorhome, one of the preparations was to renew our passports.

Nowadays when you renew or apply for a new passport you need a new passport picture.  Yes, the dreaded passport picture.  No longer can you wear your glasses for this exercise.  Even though no one would recognize me without them!  I’ve been wearing glasses since I was five, and yet they feel they would not be able to identify me if I wore them.  Even though when I actually cross the border, I usually have my glasses on!

It’s not only the glasses that send me around the bend, you’re not allowed to smile!  Who on earth would believe that by merely smiling you would not look like who you are?  Why are people allowed to where beards?  The idea that a smile could hide your true appearance, but a beard does not?  Really?

Lastly, what about the person who takes the picture.  It is my belief that these people do not have a clue about how to take a picture showing a true likeness.

However, I swallow my pride, stand in a corner and allow a drugstore cowboy to strip me of the things that people who know me would recognize, under a flood light and do the bidding of the bureaucracy.  And try to keep in mind that the photographer feels equally as uncomfortable.  I’m sure he doesn’t get many compliments on his work.

So I pay my bill (yes, for this privilege I must pay) and I thank him, with a smile and my glasses and walk away.

Then I must take this work of art to the passport office and wearing my glasses and smiling I ask to renew my passport.  I handover this supposed likeness of me and again pay for the privilege.  Wow!


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