Snow Day

I don’t wait well. Yesterday it was plus 6 C, sunny and no snow. Today there is a foot and a half of snow on the ground already with no end in site until tomorrow some time. If you believe in old wives tales, march coming in like a Lion means its suppose to go out like a lamb. This is to be seen. Right now its kind of hard to believe because Snow is Snow.

With at least 6 weeks more of this stuff and a snow day to boot, there is ample time to think about what is ahead for Shirley and I in terms of next chapters and adventures. This year will see us travelling across Canada and the States in an RV we named Fredrica. That’s another story. We will start downsizing and probably move from our large house to a much smaller condo so as to simplify our lives and give us the opportunity to travel even more.

We now own an RV. I cant believe it. I’m thrilled to death but at the same time I’ve never owned such a large vehicle. It’s big, its wide, its long. Its a house on wheels and this is new for us. We had it out a few times before putting it to bed for the winter and as Shirley has said we see it just about every day in the storage area. Waiting, waiting.

There are so many things to learn and 6 plus weeks to do it. Piece of cake right? Where do you go? Who do you talk to? What do you read? I have the answers to this and more. Its Google and You Tube! Thank god for You Tube. I am not alone in my quest to be a Veteran RV guy and impress my Shirley.

I am not the only new guy on the road driving his house. My fellow RV guys have given me the holy grail, everything you wanted to know about RVing but were afraid to ask. I’ve died and gone to heaven.

I didn’t know RV guys talk in code! Shore Line, Boon docking and the sinister Black water valve. All things that I now can read about and understand. Does this make me one of the boys?  I already have the hat.

Six more weeks, Six more weeks.

Later Guys, more to come.




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