March 5, 2017

I sit here, with my coffee, and watch out the window while heavy snow falls, and accumulates on lawns and walkways that by the time the end of day yesterday were clear of snow.  So hard to believe that we are making plans for an extended rv trip to the eastern coast of Canada.

Is it naïve to think that by early April we will head out, in our motorhome and actually be able to enjoy decent weather?

This will be our first long trip in a motorhome we purchased just before winter set in.  We’ve named her Fredrica, and we look longingly at her each time we drive by the storage compound where she sleeps.

Our journey to purchase Fredrica was a long one.  We searched for more than a year.  We didn’t have unlimited funds for this purchase so we had to be specific in our criteria.  We wanted an rv that wasn’t too old and low mileage.  Since we’ve never had an rv before, we wanted one that wasn’t too big for maneuverability.  We wanted one that was large enough for us to be comfortable in because we were planning on spending some time in it.

Once into our search we also found that just because an rv had low miles, did not mean it wasn’t well used.  As you can well imagine, most rv owners will travel to their destinations and then live in their rvs for long periods of time.  Therefore giving the rv that “lived in” and “tired” look.  The tires might be like new but the inside well worn.

We also realized that we didn’t want one too old, because at a certain point, the equipment was lacking.  There is a fine line in time that takes you from side view mirrors to actually having a back up camera; still having a VHS player, cassette player.  There would certainly be an added cost to upgrading all the equipment.

We travelled great distances to look at rvs that we thought would be in good condition, and we had to confirm what we would be happy with.  For example we travelled 7 hours to see an rv that was in really great shape on the inside, but for some reason one of the previous owners had hand painted the outside of the rv and the paint was peeling!

We found out that day that, to us, appearances really did matter and we didn’t want to be embarrassed when we pulled up to an rv site!

On the way back from viewing this rv, we stopped at a small town to have some lunch.  After lunch, just getting back into the car to head out again, we looked across the street and Larry noticed an rv.  It was in a small lot, and had no for sale sign on it.  Larry pressed and we called the lot and asked if the rv was for sale.  It turned out it was.  This was the perfect example of being in the right place at the right time.

The rv was pretty perfect for us.  Very low mileage, not very old and in mint condition on the inside.  The last owners had been “scared of it” and had hardly used it.

So in little more than a month we will be heading down the road in Fredrica.  During our maiden voyage we plan on blogging about it!  We are novices and hopefully we can give you some insight into the ups and downs of travelling in an rv.  Let’s not forget that we’ll be doing it with our buddies – Max and Maggie!

Until next time! –  Shirley here




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