March 3, 2017

We won’t promise to post everyday, but here goes a good try!

Larry and I have always been adventuresome, mostly because of circumstances that have come to us through work.  We’ve seen most of Canada and with our time in the military we even saw a good portion of Europe.

We lived in Germany, and toured around the Black Forest.  We lived in Oberhausen and visited Heidelburg, Freiburg, Baden-Baden and Lahr.  We toured parts of France, Switzerland, Luxemburg, Lichtenstein, Austria and Spain.  Larry also had occasion to do some work in Belgium, England, Turkey and The Gulf.

So when I retired almost seven years ago, we knew that we wanted to continue in some form.  We travelled to Florida and of course Las Vegas and Los Angeles.  We enjoyed these new travels and wanted to do more.

As luck would have it and as life sometimes does, it throws a curve.  Larry was diagnosed with bladder cancer, devastating to say the least.  We spent the next six months having surgeries and treatments.  We were elated to get the news after the treatments that we were successful.

Not long after this I had a bit of a spill and broke my ankle!  I was able to avoid this kind of experience my whole life to this point, and would certainly not have missed it all.  Six weeks on crutches and as it turned out I was slated for cataract surgery.  Sounds fairly routine right?  Well, not this time.  I then had to undergo a cornea transplant!

Suffice to say, with all that had happened to us it became clear that life was just too short and we needed to enjoy ourselves!

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